ION STORM 004: false.fantasy

(( what lurks in the outer reaches / but the false fantasy ))

I am not a fantasy in a real sense
I am a fantasy of differential-projection
Yet I exist . . . .
There are no shadows where I am
Because I am the fire of the lightnin
And the flames of the sun.
My name is the sun
I am the stranger
From the sky
Far away farther than the eye can see
Is my paradise
A mythical world
In Outer Space.

— Sun Ra, The Fantasy (1972)

live @ the Den, 04 May 2013

Here be the remnants of the warm-up set from the Safety Scissors Live & In His Socks shindig on 4th May 2013, recorded @ the Den, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Deep thanks to partners-in-crime Marc Gerrard & Rennie Foster for teaming up to host the one & only Matthew Patterson Curry

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