ION STORM 005: nora posch X

*** A special live set: NORA POSCH X TOBIAS.DJ on 4 decks. ***

Recorded live @ the Electric Tea Garden, Seattle, May 3rd 2013, in the deep hours of the morning after a live set from SAFETY SCISSORS (BPitch Control / NYC). Apologies for a few technical glitches, but swing deep for this one, it inhabits the soul. From the flyer:

Returning to Seattle for the first time in over a decade, Vancouver’s techno-turntablist TOBIAS — whose name might echo in the ears of [NWR] & Lish House patrons from eons past — pairs up on the decks with longtime creative collaborator NORA POSCH. Once fatefully bound together by the misadventures of a certain Endorian ring, their paths have once again crossed as directors of respective labels PELOTON and IO SOUND. From 2am to 4am they will tag on the turntables, DJing as a duo for the first time in their 15+ years of friendship — and offering a chance to dig deep into the musical histories and archives of two of the Pacific NorthWest’s most obscure, if not secretive, selectors. Expect future house, interstellar techno, and deep sea electro, woven together with sweat & tears.
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