Riddims & Routes

Recorded for // Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture // Echoes from the Dub Diaspora // Special Issue 7.2 dancecult.net

The sonic archives of the dub diaspora are as vast and unfathomable as the depths of the black Atlantic from whence they came. Thousands upon thousands of hours of audiowaves converse with a multitude of genres. This mix traverses but two routes: Jamaica to Berlin by way of Detroit, in the ecstatic decade of the 1990s; and through London’s expatriate burroughs, in the dreadnought ‘00s.

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ION STORM (017): Salt Lake City (August 16th, 1999)

ION STORM (017): Salt Lake City (August 16th, 1999)

Mixtape prepared for a gig in Salt Lake City that never materialised. Mixed live & unprepared (on vinyl, of course) in an attempt to throw down a house music mixtape — or rather my interpretation & vibe from house at the time, and at a far remove from the “progressive” sound the promoters were no doubt seeking. Also includes a not particularly tight but interesting beatjuggle of Purposemaker records.

ION STORM (014): altered.states (I)


An improvised & ongoing series of freeform techno/house/electro mixes that have been recorded as the extraterrestrial transmissions dictate. Tracks are drawn from recent releases but also from the archives. No prepared mixes, no sync, beatmatched live on two Technics SL1200 turntables with Mackie d4.Pro mixer.

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ION STORM 012: live @ TAXI radio | Hoedown

ION STORM 012 presents two tobias.DJ mixtapes from the archives…

The first 45 minutes is live on TAXI Radio, 96.1FM in Vancouver on November 18th, 1998, sometime past midnight, on DJ Leanne’s show Housecall, hosted by Melanie Dawn. Deep techno here from labels such as Cosmic Records, Blue Recordings, Svek, Jericho, with records from Swayzak, Altitude, Steve Bicknell, Cari Lekebusch, Jasper Dahlback and Adam Beyer… yah it’s live, with skipping records & snafus. Keepin’ it honest. Included in the radio patter is an interview with DJ “Skinny” Graham — I wonder what ever happened to him?

The second 45 minutes is excerpted from a two and a half hour set at HOEDOWN, a Crazy Dave joint thrown in the farmlands of North Delta, BC, a kind of early morning, dew-soaked affair of midwest-style acieed freakery — I arrived and threw down an abstract & minimalist set of Detroit techno. As far as I can remember Hoedown was summer 1998. I think.