ION STORM (014): altered.states (I)


An improvised & ongoing series of freeform techno/house/electro mixes that have been recorded as the extraterrestrial transmissions dictate. Tracks are drawn from recent releases but also from the archives. No prepared mixes, no sync, beatmatched live on two Technics SL1200 turntables with Mackie d4.Pro mixer.

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ION STORM 012: live @ TAXI radio | Hoedown

ION STORM 012 presents two tobias.DJ mixtapes from the archives…

The first 45 minutes is live on TAXI Radio, 96.1FM in Vancouver on November 18th, 1998, sometime past midnight, on DJ Leanne’s show Housecall, hosted by Melanie Dawn. Deep techno here from labels such as Cosmic Records, Blue Recordings, Svek, Jericho, with records from Swayzak, Altitude, Steve Bicknell, Cari Lekebusch, Jasper Dahlback and Adam Beyer… yah it’s live, with skipping records & snafus. Keepin’ it honest. Included in the radio patter is an interview with DJ “Skinny” Graham — I wonder what ever happened to him?

The second 45 minutes is excerpted from a two and a half hour set at HOEDOWN, a Crazy Dave joint thrown in the farmlands of North Delta, BC, a kind of early morning, dew-soaked affair of midwest-style acieed freakery — I arrived and threw down an abstract & minimalist set of Detroit techno. As far as I can remember Hoedown was summer 1998. I think.

ION STORM 004: false.fantasy

(( what lurks in the outer reaches / but the false fantasy ))

I am not a fantasy in a real sense
I am a fantasy of differential-projection
Yet I exist . . . .
There are no shadows where I am
Because I am the fire of the lightnin
And the flames of the sun.
My name is the sun
I am the stranger
From the sky
Far away farther than the eye can see
Is my paradise
A mythical world
In Outer Space.

— Sun Ra, The Fantasy (1972)


filmed live, one take, @ QC Studios in Montréal.

film & concept by TETSUOMI ANZAI, who imagined positioning this footage alongside that of a pianist & a conductor to demonstrate the fluidity of expression marked by the hands — regardless of the instrument. blog post on the filming.

“I hope to release a DVD of the final footage in the near future”.
—- (It only took 10 years to get it online.)

Camera shaking courtesy of the Rat Man; and yes, the crossfader broke around 2 minutes in. Deep bows to my compadres of the era: all those at SAT, Casa del Popolo, Mitchell @ intr_version, NAW, Bruno @ Laïka, and with those I shared the decks & stage, Fishead, Daniel Gardner, Johnny Ranger & the Mole.

Liquid Fire (2012)


Round two showdown at the DMT Lab, flipping through some new tracks that touch on the bangin’ interface between dub & Detroit techno (with an acid taste on the tongue, of course). Thanks to DJ Test Pilot for filming the mix & providing the requisite shots of liquid fire, VJ Matsui808 for tripping me out (and upping the ante with the dark magus decahedron), and J. for stitching the whole ensemble together (a time consuming and thankless task). During this mix I blew a screw out of the crossfader, experimented with some Traktor Beatmasher & Delay efx, and switched over to a few slabs of actual vinyl at the end… as always, nothing prepared, and of course no auto sync.


Claustrophobia (1998)

Claustrophobia (1998)


First released: 1998 (75 copies)
Second release: 1999 (50 copies)
90 minutes


In October 1998, members of <ST> occupied a downtown parking garage in Vancouver. The event was entitled qork/oddity. It followed upon surveillance & protests at APEC ’97.

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