ION STORM (017): Salt Lake City (August 16th, 1999)

ION STORM (017): Salt Lake City (August 16th, 1999)

Mixtape prepared for a gig in Salt Lake City that never materialised. Mixed live & unprepared (on vinyl, of course) in an attempt to throw down a house music mixtape — or rather my interpretation & vibe from house at the time, and at a far remove from the “progressive” sound the promoters were no doubt seeking. Also includes a not particularly tight but interesting beatjuggle of Purposemaker records.

ION STORM (014): altered.states (I)


An improvised & ongoing series of freeform techno/house/electro mixes that have been recorded as the extraterrestrial transmissions dictate. Tracks are drawn from recent releases but also from the archives. No prepared mixes, no sync, beatmatched live on two Technics SL1200 turntables with Mackie d4.Pro mixer.

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ION STORM 012: live @ TAXI radio | Hoedown

ION STORM 012 presents two tobias.DJ mixtapes from the archives…

The first 45 minutes is live on TAXI Radio, 96.1FM in Vancouver on November 18th, 1998, sometime past midnight, on DJ Leanne’s show Housecall, hosted by Melanie Dawn. Deep techno here from labels such as Cosmic Records, Blue Recordings, Svek, Jericho, with records from Swayzak, Altitude, Steve Bicknell, Cari Lekebusch, Jasper Dahlback and Adam Beyer… yah it’s live, with skipping records & snafus. Keepin’ it honest. Included in the radio patter is an interview with DJ “Skinny” Graham — I wonder what ever happened to him?

The second 45 minutes is excerpted from a two and a half hour set at HOEDOWN, a Crazy Dave joint thrown in the farmlands of North Delta, BC, a kind of early morning, dew-soaked affair of midwest-style acieed freakery — I arrived and threw down an abstract & minimalist set of Detroit techno. As far as I can remember Hoedown was summer 1998. I think.



++ I be playing Friday night from 2-3am @ the Cosmic Café stage, throwing down deep acid techno to shake the spirits of the Callaghan ++

== mixed by ==

ION STORM broadcasts interstellar techno, future house & offworld ambient from the vaults of TOBIAS.DJ. Prepare your space voyage with occult sounds drawn from 20+ years as a technoculture catalyst and turntablist. The mission — to invade consensus reality with an all-out assault of alien frequencies. Some sex in zero gravity included. Occasional interplanetary guests from the technosphere and label [ ].


1 Maybe I’ll drive back into these weird holes. Hunter S. Thompson The Gonzo Tapes: More Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (Disc Three)
2 Keep Thorough (Iron Galaxy Remix) Locked Groove Keep Thorough EP [TURBO 147]
3 Michigan Ride Technasia Heart Of Flesh [CADENZA 78]
4 Let It Snow Martin Landsky Ekko Traxx [POKER FLAT 138]
5 Subliminal Warp Drive Traversable Wormhole Traversable Wormhole Vol 6-10 [CLR CD012]
6 Lustration Tree (Atlantic) Mike Parker Lustrations [PROLOGUE LP 04]
7 Early Glow Marcel Fengler Playground / Early Glow [OSTGUT TON 09]
8 Metal Works Ben Sims & Kirk Degiorgio Machine Theme [MACHINE 001]
9 Present Hypersurface Traversable Wormhole Traversable Wormhole Vol 6-10 [CLR CD012]
10 Dormancy Survivors Lucy, Silent Servant History Survivors [MOTE-EVOLVER 034]
11 lifesigns pt. 1 Johannes Heil Lifesigns EP [FIGURE 044]
12 Freeze Tobias. Freeze [OSTGUT TON057]
13 Waterfall (Birth) Rrose Waterfall Variations [EAUX 491]
14 Translation One Marcel Dettmann Translation EP [OSTGUT TON 052]
15 Mico Jonas Kopp Ruda EP [CURLE 029]
16 Roses (Terranova Mix) Michael Mayer Mantasy Remixe 3 [KOMPAKT 273]
17 Evolution (Samuel L Session Calling D Mix) Mikael Jonasson Evolution [PHOBIQ 013]
18 Proteus 81 Jonas Kopp Reforce [DEEPLY ROOTED HOUSE 040]
19 Program 1 (Len Faki DJ-Edit) JPLS DJ-Edits Volume 2 [FIGURE 45]
20 No Body (Machinedrum Remix) Barker & Baumecker Remixes [OSTGUT TON]
21 Atavistic Resurgence The Black Dog Tranklements [DUST SCIENCE 038]
22 Any Other Rework Touch EP [VISIONQUEST 029]
23 Black Technician (UR Mad Mike Remix) Robert Hood Black Technician (UR Mad Mike Remixes) [MUSIC MAN 167]
24 Looking Ahead Architectural Berghain 06 [OSTGUT TON CD23]
25 OAR003-A Oni Ayhun OAR 003
26 Mekong Delta Len Faki Rainbow Delta / Mekong Delta [OSTGUT TON 04]
27 25 Hours DJ Hyperactive 25 Hours [DROID 017]

ION STORM 007: live @ DELIVERANCE (1997)

ION STORM (007): live @ DELIVERANCE (1997)

++ pulled from a pile of tapes, this be my live set from DELIVERANCE, 17 July 1997 : an outdoor renegade thrown by D & D of X-Max Productions, up on the plateau, west of Nanaimo, BC, on Vancouver Island. also on the bill that night: dub gnostic, Peaches aka Amtrak, and Kultcha.

++ the name of the night well-reflected its namesake in film, as rednecks showed up on ATVs, lights blinding the entranced ravers. we had some luvin’ beer set aside for the occasion, and took care of their cultural estrangement in short order. by the time I came on to play, sometime in the deep of the night, bangin’ acieed seemed appropriate, with a resounding, never-to-be-repeated trance finish as we approached sunrise (this was the only time I ever played out such trance records … my guilty pleasures).

++ many memories from this night: driving up a potholed and water-barred logging road in my trusty Honda Civic proved to be something of a challenge. we loaded all the records up front, but even that wasn’t enough, so DJ Lunatech opted to jog part of the way./// the soundsystem was the first homebuilt iteration from Dave, and the limiter settings meant that the breakdowns would pop louder than the bass. but it was also the first encounter with what would become the de facto Shrüm Tribe soundsystem …

++ last but not least, if you can help identify a few of the tracks, I’d be grateful. I trainspotted what I could, but I appear to be missing a few records from my collection, and/or have sold a bulk of the trance material …


CJ Bolland – The Prophet – The Analogue Theatre LP – Internal 13 (1996)
Robert Armani – VII Chapter LP – Chicago Style 002 (1997)
Chris Liberator – System Test EP – Smitten 10 (1997)
DJ Hyperactive – RX Tribe – Planet of Drums 08 (1997)
DJ Rush – Maniac – Djax-Up-Beats 279 (1997)
Twister – Paradoxical Paradigms – Nitric (1996)
Set Up System – Fairy Dust (1997 Remixes) – Nitric (1997)
??? – (breathing) – ???
Hallucinogen – Space Pussy EP – Dragonfly Records 37 (1996)
DJ Misjah & Tim – ASD – X-Trax 015 (1997)
DJ Misjah – Psyko Feelings – X-Trax 017 (1996)
Taucher – Waters – Liquid 004 (1997)
Art of Trance – Kaleidoscope – Platipus Records 27 (1997)
Terra Ferma – Floating/The Scream – Platipus Records 21 (1996)

the last three trance tracks are mixed in by Paul Kultcha (I left them in as they’re on the tape), though I don’t know what they are:
??? – ??? – ???
??? – ??? – ???
??? – ??? – ???

== mixed by ==

ION STORM broadcasts interstellar techno, future house & offworld ambient from the vaults of TOBIAS.DJ. Prepare your space voyage with occult sounds drawn from 20+ years as a technoculture catalyst and turntablist. The mission — to invade consensus reality with an all-out assault of alien frequencies. Some sex in zero gravity included. Occasional interplanetary guests from the technosphere and label [ ].

ION STORM 004: false.fantasy

(( what lurks in the outer reaches / but the false fantasy ))

I am not a fantasy in a real sense
I am a fantasy of differential-projection
Yet I exist . . . .
There are no shadows where I am
Because I am the fire of the lightnin
And the flames of the sun.
My name is the sun
I am the stranger
From the sky
Far away farther than the eye can see
Is my paradise
A mythical world
In Outer Space.

— Sun Ra, The Fantasy (1972)


filmed live, one take, @ QC Studios in Montréal.

film & concept by TETSUOMI ANZAI, who imagined positioning this footage alongside that of a pianist & a conductor to demonstrate the fluidity of expression marked by the hands — regardless of the instrument. blog post on the filming.

“I hope to release a DVD of the final footage in the near future”.
—- (It only took 10 years to get it online.)

Camera shaking courtesy of the Rat Man; and yes, the crossfader broke around 2 minutes in. Deep bows to my compadres of the era: all those at SAT, Casa del Popolo, Mitchell @ intr_version, NAW, Bruno @ Laïka, and with those I shared the decks & stage, Fishead, Daniel Gardner, Johnny Ranger & the Mole.

lost in a bc forest (1997)


lost in a bc forest


Vancouver is a peculiar place: its geography offers many different kinds of spaces for intervention and occupation. While warehouses dot its ports and industrial outlands, the city itself is surrounded by ocean, forest, and mountains. Logging roads snake up through thickly forested valleys. Waterbars and potholes bar access. Forging on means losing site of urban civilization. In these curious pockets, rave culture thrived. Many of the best raves were held far up these dirt roads, among trees and glacier-fed rivers. Occasionally, curious locals would arrive, drunk and confrontational, in pick-ups and ATVs. The best trick was to seduce them with Colt .45, spiked with a bit of pharmacology designed to endear the mind to new experiences. Conversions happened. People’s lives were changed.

This set was recorded at one such event in July, 1997. A small, but intense affair, a nameless event. I felt I had not yet mastered my skills, which was true: I could not yet replicate in live situations the consistency of mixing I was able to sustain in the studio. Sets were hit or miss; but either way, they were inspired, and a certain kind of raver — one given over to wild abandon, to giving oneself up to the noise — liked what I was doing. Unlike many other DJs of the era, I was fearless — or some would say, ignorant of the dancefloor. It was not that I didn’t care whether my experiments failed or not — I most certainly did care — but I felt that the passion of the mix, its intensity, mattered more than its perfection. I was interested in quarter-beats and chaotic, helicopter mixes; I desired speed and fury, and I rarely, if ever, planned out the order of my records beyond a track or two. These were techniques and strategies which also interested Mills and Hawtin. But I hadn’t yet trained myself to moderate headphone and monitoring volume — it took years to focus upon lower-volume mixing — so my ears fatigued quickly. These were all lessons learned, over time. But what remains is my first duplicated mix, part of a series I called Not-So-Perfect Mixtapes, of which this is volume 2. On the front cover is a clip-art GIF of a red Coleman lantern — a common source of light for backcountry endeavours of acid-fuelled stargazing and ritual dance debauchery.
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