Ill Voodoo (2000) @ Ill Voodoo (2000)

Thanks to Dave of X-Max sound, we have a recording of Ill Voodoo, a classic warehouse rave. Introducing the mix is none other than (ex-) Konspiracy Group’s Ill-Esha. The mix was plagued with a sticky & scratchy mixer and skipping needles… which I integrated into the aesthetic of the cement walls & towering metal roof that shook with rumbling thunder… Word was already out that the cops were on their way, and so the mix was hard & fast—I never knew when it was going to end. The volume is dropped a few times as rumours flew. Eventually I realised none of it mattered; so I cranked it to the final moment. Unfortunately the recording is missing the very last track — “I Shot the Sheriff,” dropped as the RCMP walked in the door. By then I had pulled the black bandana on.
April 2012

Ill Voodoo RCMP (2000)

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