ION STORM 007: live @ DELIVERANCE (1997)

ION STORM (007): live @ DELIVERANCE (1997)

++ pulled from a pile of tapes, this be my live set from DELIVERANCE, 17 July 1997 : an outdoor renegade thrown by D & D of X-Max Productions, up on the plateau, west of Nanaimo, BC, on Vancouver Island. also on the bill that night: dub gnostic, Peaches aka Amtrak, and Kultcha.

++ the name of the night well-reflected its namesake in film, as rednecks showed up on ATVs, lights blinding the entranced ravers. we had some luvin’ beer set aside for the occasion, and took care of their cultural estrangement in short order. by the time I came on to play, sometime in the deep of the night, bangin’ acieed seemed appropriate, with a resounding, never-to-be-repeated trance finish as we approached sunrise (this was the only time I ever played out such trance records … my guilty pleasures).

++ many memories from this night: driving up a potholed and water-barred logging road in my trusty Honda Civic proved to be something of a challenge. we loaded all the records up front, but even that wasn’t enough, so DJ Lunatech opted to jog part of the way./// the soundsystem was the first homebuilt iteration from Dave, and the limiter settings meant that the breakdowns would pop louder than the bass. but it was also the first encounter with what would become the de facto Shrüm Tribe soundsystem …

++ last but not least, if you can help identify a few of the tracks, I’d be grateful. I trainspotted what I could, but I appear to be missing a few records from my collection, and/or have sold a bulk of the trance material …


CJ Bolland – The Prophet – The Analogue Theatre LP – Internal 13 (1996)
Robert Armani – VII Chapter LP – Chicago Style 002 (1997)
Chris Liberator – System Test EP – Smitten 10 (1997)
DJ Hyperactive – RX Tribe – Planet of Drums 08 (1997)
DJ Rush – Maniac – Djax-Up-Beats 279 (1997)
Twister – Paradoxical Paradigms – Nitric (1996)
Set Up System – Fairy Dust (1997 Remixes) – Nitric (1997)
??? – (breathing) – ???
Hallucinogen – Space Pussy EP – Dragonfly Records 37 (1996)
DJ Misjah & Tim – ASD – X-Trax 015 (1997)
DJ Misjah – Psyko Feelings – X-Trax 017 (1996)
Taucher – Waters – Liquid 004 (1997)
Art of Trance – Kaleidoscope – Platipus Records 27 (1997)
Terra Ferma – Floating/The Scream – Platipus Records 21 (1996)

the last three trance tracks are mixed in by Paul Kultcha (I left them in as they’re on the tape), though I don’t know what they are:
??? – ??? – ???
??? – ??? – ???
??? – ??? – ???

== mixed by ==

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