ION STORM 010: Martijn Comes | s*

ION STORM (010):

Martijn Comes | 2044 ASTRAL DUB VISION


Two mixes in this eclectic space travel through intergalactic dub and IO SOUND releases exploring the cosmic realms of experimental electronica.

== hosted by ==

ION STORM broadcasts interstellar techno, future house & offworld ambient from the vaults of TOBIAS.DJ. Prepare your space voyage with occult sounds drawn from 20+ years as a technoculture catalyst and turntablist. The mission — to invade consensus reality with an all-out assault of alien frequencies. Some sex in zero gravity included. Occasional interplanetary guests from the technosphere and label [ ].


== Martijn Comes | 2044 ASTRAL DUB VISION ==

Martijn Comes. Astral Vision Dub. (Unreleased)
Ulrich Troyer Meets Georg Blaschke. Back from Serbia. Somatic Soundtracks. (4Bit Productions)
Ursula Bogner. Fur Ulrich. Recordings 1969-1988. (Faitiche)
Rumpistol. Vuggelise. Mere rum. (Rump Recordings)
Chromatics.Tick Of The Clock. Night Drive. (Italians do it Better)
Rumpistol. Analog. Dynamo. (Rump Recordings)
Grace Jones. Sunset Dub. Hurricane. (Wall of Sound)
Vladislav Delay. Kuuluuko. Vantaa. (Raster-Noton)
General Strike. Interplanetary Dub. Danger in Paradise (Staubgold)

== s* | Return of the 12th Planet ==

* = unreleased

Scant Intone – earos [rmx of TTLD] – IO/001
Yves De Mey / rework of Pinkcourtesyphone*
Jeff Carey – Cut 0.3 [rmx of TTLD] – IO/001
I8U – ’til death [rmx of TTLD] – IO/001
Pinkcourtesyphone / sans (E. Domnitch + D. Gelfand rework of “Sans Many Things”)*
Pinkcourtesyphone + Kid Congo Powers + CoH / Blow Up (iamaphotograph Cut)*
s* – Quiet [excerpt]*
s* + kk / eclipse – IO/002
Pinkcourtesyphone / An Awaiting Room (Frank Bretschneider remix)*
Richard Chartier / EVP.RE [rmx of TTLD] – IO/001
a.j. cornell / 1981 – IO/003
s* + kk / hypnosyne (psonn) – IO/002
s* + tomas phillips / body*
Pinkcourtesyphone + Kid Congo Powers / iamaphotograph (slowsleazemix)*
tomas phillips / flore [TTLD rmx] – IO/001
s* / 1999 – IO/003
s* + kk / ix chel (dead s* dub) – IO/002
s* + kk / she dreams of isis – IO/002
Pinkcourtesyphone / Simon Scott rework*
souns / waves [rmx of Mario van Horrik & Petra Dubach]*
s* + MVK / Thunderklap (Side B) – IO/004
coingutter / a little night music [rmx of TTLD] – IO/001
Martijn Comes / Memory Field*
Martijn Comes / Neptune Federation of Light*
a.j. cornell – sorgue [rmx of Mario van Horrik & Petra Dubach]*
Martijn Comes / Electric Field*
Martijn Comes / Silent Field*
Martijn Comes / Mirrored Field*

TTLD = Tactical Tape Loop Division (Unearthed from Airwaves / IO/001)

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