++ I be playing Friday night from 2-3am @ the Cosmic Café stage, throwing down deep acid techno to shake the spirits of the Callaghan ++

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ION STORM broadcasts interstellar techno, future house & offworld ambient from the vaults of TOBIAS.DJ. Prepare your space voyage with occult sounds drawn from 20+ years as a technoculture catalyst and turntablist. The mission — to invade consensus reality with an all-out assault of alien frequencies. Some sex in zero gravity included. Occasional interplanetary guests from the technosphere and label [ ].


1 Maybe I’ll drive back into these weird holes. Hunter S. Thompson The Gonzo Tapes: More Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (Disc Three)
2 Keep Thorough (Iron Galaxy Remix) Locked Groove Keep Thorough EP [TURBO 147]
3 Michigan Ride Technasia Heart Of Flesh [CADENZA 78]
4 Let It Snow Martin Landsky Ekko Traxx [POKER FLAT 138]
5 Subliminal Warp Drive Traversable Wormhole Traversable Wormhole Vol 6-10 [CLR CD012]
6 Lustration Tree (Atlantic) Mike Parker Lustrations [PROLOGUE LP 04]
7 Early Glow Marcel Fengler Playground / Early Glow [OSTGUT TON 09]
8 Metal Works Ben Sims & Kirk Degiorgio Machine Theme [MACHINE 001]
9 Present Hypersurface Traversable Wormhole Traversable Wormhole Vol 6-10 [CLR CD012]
10 Dormancy Survivors Lucy, Silent Servant History Survivors [MOTE-EVOLVER 034]
11 lifesigns pt. 1 Johannes Heil Lifesigns EP [FIGURE 044]
12 Freeze Tobias. Freeze [OSTGUT TON057]
13 Waterfall (Birth) Rrose Waterfall Variations [EAUX 491]
14 Translation One Marcel Dettmann Translation EP [OSTGUT TON 052]
15 Mico Jonas Kopp Ruda EP [CURLE 029]
16 Roses (Terranova Mix) Michael Mayer Mantasy Remixe 3 [KOMPAKT 273]
17 Evolution (Samuel L Session Calling D Mix) Mikael Jonasson Evolution [PHOBIQ 013]
18 Proteus 81 Jonas Kopp Reforce [DEEPLY ROOTED HOUSE 040]
19 Program 1 (Len Faki DJ-Edit) JPLS DJ-Edits Volume 2 [FIGURE 45]
20 No Body (Machinedrum Remix) Barker & Baumecker Remixes [OSTGUT TON]
21 Atavistic Resurgence The Black Dog Tranklements [DUST SCIENCE 038]
22 Any Other Rework Touch EP [VISIONQUEST 029]
23 Black Technician (UR Mad Mike Remix) Robert Hood Black Technician (UR Mad Mike Remixes) [MUSIC MAN 167]
24 Looking Ahead Architectural Berghain 06 [OSTGUT TON CD23]
25 OAR003-A Oni Ayhun OAR 003
26 Mekong Delta Len Faki Rainbow Delta / Mekong Delta [OSTGUT TON 04]
27 25 Hours DJ Hyperactive 25 Hours [DROID 017]

within.indecent.obscurity [take two] (2009)


This is a mix to drink absynthe too. Living in Whistler is an exercise in musical & cultural isolation. I should’ve realised that trying to play music such as this in a “dude? where’s my skis?” culture was a lost cause. Even as I held down a residency at the Savage Beagle (in Whistler Village), attracting European djs & househeads (and filling the upstairs bar with head-nodding patrons), I couldn’t convince management (nor other local DJs/promoters) that what I was doing was worthwhile—or even popular elsewhere. “It’s hot in Berlin!” I would say—but it would matter not. Whistler is not the place for risk-taking mixing, subtlety, or experimental approaches to dancefloor semantics. So I present to you my manifesto of house music, mixed with abandon, and without precision.

This mix dives deep into minimal house & abstract rhythms. The psychedelic, drifting effects of ketaminimal, held for long, drawn out mixes, warps the head. I can dance to shit like this for hours.

This was the first mix I released where I used a Digital Vinyl System (Traktor Scratch). All manual beatmatching, and no prepared records.
April 2012

within.indecent.obscurity (2009)